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Base Cloud

BrandOdds on the cloud around the world,you an develop your product any time any where.

Base big data

Use millions trends product to compare and make report.

Easy To Use

Just add keywords it will calculate the trends product you want.

Save your money

Auto update data from amazon or ebay and calculated score with cheap price.

Powerful keywords report

BrandOdds gives you instant access to the latest data on amazon online merchandise with instant access to high-quality products that are highly profitable, low-sellers, and rapidly growing through multi-layered intelligent judgment. Help you to predict trends, develop new products, or improve your existing product lineup.

Each keyword you submit will get a system-rated score, the higher the score, the higher the quality of the keyword, the current keyword we will recommend a variety of current market hot products.

Magical trends product report

Through the hot keywords you will get a variety of recommended products, the system recommended new products, or you customize your own new products, then you can submit a request to find suppliers, our employees will be based on your products through the system supply Find a match and filter to find a near-perfect supplier.

In addition, we can guide you through the data to help you customize the hot products, these are free of charge.

It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!

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Add your favorite product keywords.

Get golden supplier

Once you have found a high quality product, you can contact Brand Odds for the most suitable supplier

Calculate products Score

Each product will receive a product rating

Calculate keywords

Each keyword is evaluated for quality.

Monitor the Sellers count

BrandOdds regularly checks the number of sellers on a regular basis.

Monitor the Reviews

User comments will also be within our observation.

Recommend hot keywords

We will recommend you through the system of popular keywords.

Recommend hot products

We will recommend you through the system for popular products.

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