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Tracking Hot Keywords

Brand Odds keeps track of the number of times your top keywords are being watched, the number of search results,keeping you updated on the latest data.

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Tracking Hot Products

Brand Odds regularly update your follow the product changes, accurate analysis of each key parameters, re-score for the goods and analysis.

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Monitor sellers count

The number of sellers directly affect the seller's sales, Brandodds will regularly track the number of hot products corresponding to the number of sellers for you.

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Monitor reviews

The number of user reviews is important. By comparing the favorable and the negative reviews, we can predict the sales of the products and the problems of the products.

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Ratings for the keywords

Each product will receive an exclusive BrandOdds Quality Score, which is a very large number of product parameters, and this score will be updated regularly.

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Ratings for the products

Every keyword gets a real-time BrandOdds rating, which is influenced by popularity, search volume, global trends, attention, and so on.

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Data updated in real time

Most products and parameters are scheduled to generate new reports based on user ratings, so you do not have to spend time doing any reports. All reports are real-time and customizable.

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Providing high-quality suppliers

Our staff in China will help you find and select quality suppliers and products in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions in China. These services are highly customizable and free of charge.

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