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ZhaoBangJi financial building, Fuhua Road,
Shenzhen, Guangdong,
China - 518031

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Senior Full Stack Developer

Data Engineer with more than two years of experience in large data analysis, familiar with common data analysis software and programming languages Python, C + +, NodeJs, with better machine learning skills.

Software Developer

Programming language Python, C + +, Node Js arbitrary programming experience for more than 2 years, proficient in one of the languages, can be a separate front-end parallel development, we use Angular, Jquery, PHP, Python, Nodejs, etc.

Account Manager

Development of new users to maintain and manage existing users, you need to have more than 1 year of work experience, female priority.

SAAS User Succcess Specialist

With operational and maintenance functions, and are familiar with AWS, Aliyun and other cloud products, familiar with Ununtu, Webservie and so on.

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