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We are small team of young & passionate travelers.
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We help more and more sellers to find right trends right products

We need to help sellers to achieve all the statistical analysis of online goods and traffic forecasts

The user has more than 10,000 Amazon online products, we have 10,000 products through a period of 3 months of tracking and data comparison, reducing more than 4000 sleep period SKU, hot products through the account, analysis and development of more than 500 competitive products , Competitive products on-line in the first month to get percent 5 of the sales, the second month of the third month to achieve sales of 15 percent, sales of existing products through the optimization of keywords, product images, product details, Product attributes, floating bids and other operations to maintain stable sales growth. Eventually the seller achieved annual sales growth of about 40%.

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We are good at web and data for more then 5 years

Solution generation process can be broadly divided into: to determine the problem object and the scope of the impact of → → analysis of the problem to propose solutions and recommendations → cost planning and feasibility analysis → implementation → follow-up and interactive corrections → summary

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Some Highlights

  • The best prospects for growth in your customer data
  • Without compromise. Affordable IT can immediately reduce your costs
  • Keep running uninterrupted
  • Automate your business processes, simplify management and improve performance


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We are hire

Senior Full Stack Developer

Data Engineer with more than two years of experience in large data analysis, familiar with common data analysis software and programming languages Python, C + +, NodeJs, with better machine learning skills.

Software Developer

Programming language Python, C + +, Node Js arbitrary programming experience for more than 2 years, proficient in one of the languages, can be a separate front-end parallel development, we use Angular, Jquery, PHP, Python, Nodejs, etc.

Account Manager

Development of new users to maintain and manage existing users, you need to have more than 1 year of work experience, female priority.

SAAS User Succcess Specialist

With operational and maintenance functions, and are familiar with AWS, Aliyun and other cloud products, familiar with Ununtu, Webservie and so on.

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